Is God The Devil – 117 Why Adults Shouldn’t Play Pretend.

According to some Christians it is better for a kid to be left in foster homes and orphanages than being adopted into a home with loving parents.

Corona virus, according to Ricky Baby Wiles aka “Dick Nose,”
is a plague to purge sins for “Trans gendering little children.”

The White House, our Government representative of all peoples from varying beliefs, is being usurped by the cancer that is religion by broadcasting a sermon asserting homosexuals are possessed by demons.

Dave Daubenmire takes a shot at Meghan Markle for poisoning the royal family and ruining the foundation of Christianity because she is “half black.” Dave wins the Shit Stain of the month award. Please like, share, follow and Rate. We are at and on Itunes, Googleplay or your preferred podcast app.

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