Is God The Devil – 74 Why Adults Shouldn’t Play Pretend.

This week we listen to a low life pastor spreading ignorance while openly denouncing his own religion and spreading hate form the pulpit, adding that loving your neighbor is a bad thing. We also find Kazoos are an effective weapon in shutting down hateful Christian thinking.
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One Reply to “Is God The Devil – 74 Why Adults Shouldn’t Play Pretend.”

  1. And if the Devil keeps rebelling against God, why doesn’t God who is supposed to be by definition, all-powerful and all knowing, punish the Devil for his evil ways? What’s keeping him from doing that? If God has a “perfect plan” then how come the Devil is part of that perfect plan? It can only be if that perfect plan also includes using the Devil as a device who doesn’t really exist to threaten people with for them to stay within the Church. Verily I say unto Thee, the Church exists but God does not.

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