Is God The Devil Episode 53

Exodus chapters 13-14. God takes a short break from tormenting the Egyptians and focuses more on frustrating the Hebrews. Directing the Hebrews to be trapped against the Red Sea, God again hardens Pharaoh’s heart and commits another atrocity. Then Moses sings a shitty song. This and more on this week’s episode.
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Is God The Devil Episode 51

Back to Exodus this week. God hardens the heart of Pharaoh a couple more times then punishes the people of Egypt for Pharaoh having a hardened heart. Also God gets very specific about what foods people can eat during Passover, if that bread is risen you won’t rise to Heaven. Remember to like share and follow.

Is God The Devil Episode 50

Why Adults Shouldn’t Play Pretend.
We talk about how playing pretend is influencing decisions when it comes to  governmental nominations. We read articles on how religious delusion can cause symptoms similar to meth addiction and how apparently Confederate soldiers fought dinosaurs in the Civil War. Click to Join the conversation.
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Is God The Devil Episode 49

What in the Actual “F” ??? Have you read Exodus chapter 9-10? Well… don’t, because we will read it for you. And it is bat Sh*t crazy. The level of narcissistic abuse by the hand of the SkyGod toward the people of Egypt make us think he will be nominated by Trump to head up the Department of Ethics. Listen in to the crazy on iTunes, Google Play or your podcast app. Remember to like, share and follow.