Is God The Devil Episode 44

Episode 44. We begin Exodus and find the Egyptians that sold themselves into bondage in Genesis are no longer enslaved. The Pharaoh fearing the Hebrews are waxing strong enslaves them. The Pharaoh’s daughter finds a baby floating down the river, and a guy has a conversation with a burning bush. If everyone is waxing, what kind of bush?

Is God The Devil Episode 43

This week we introduce our new segment “Modern issues caused from bronze age thinking.” (Still working on a better title.) We dicuss religious persecution in Utah by the hand of the Mormon church, the ADF, the Religious Liberty Task Force and of course we cover the demons otherwise known as Catholic priests in Pennsylvannia.  Listen in on iTunes, Google play or your favorite podcast app.

Is God The Devil Episode 42

Fireside chat week. We recap Genesis, Jeremy points out that what he has heard about the Christian religion is different then what the Bible says. How did mankind all come from Adam and Eve’s 3 sons, other than hooking up with the childeren of man and woman? Also when God drowned the world why did he save mosquitos? Mosquitos alone are proof God is the Devil. This and more on episode 42.