Episode 9

Why did the decedent of Cain brag about killing someone and why is it mentioned in the bible? Why does the bible mention musicalĀ  instruments such as the organ and the harp but not talk about the people that played them. Come join us in Genesis chapter 4 verse 17 – chapter 5 verse 4 as we discover why god is the devil.

Episode 7

In this week’s episode we finish chapter three and challenge the punishment that god cursed upon Adam and Eve for gaining knowledge. We discover gods real reason for kicking the garden couple out and question the introduction of Abel. Join us for a fun conversation that is challenging the misconception of religion. Genesis chapter 3 vs 15 – Chapter 4 vs 2.

Episode 6

This week we have our guest and friend Jesse Guy join the conversation and talk about the eating of the tree of good and evil. We discover god, aka the devil, is angry because he is caught in a lie and punishes Adam, Eve, the snake and creates sexism. Join us for the conversation that is pulling back the veil of deception.